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Subscribe to a creator’s channel to directly support them and the music they play in their shows.


A fan-to-creator membership

Everyday on Mixcloud, over 1 million minutes of audio are uploaded by creators and listened to by fans worldwide for free. Mixcloud Select lets you get more from your favorite creator channels for a small monthly fee.

A model for everyone

Select is more than just a fan club. It’s a unique revenue share model where everyone involved in making the shows you listen to gets their cut, fairly and legally.

Payment model

Give more to get more

By subscribing to a creator, they can reward you with an even better listening experience on their channel.

Offline listening

Download shows to the Mixcloud app to listen anytime, anywhere.

Introducing Mixcloud Select | Mixcloud

Fair distribution model

Support the creator and artists fairly and legally.

Introducing Mixcloud Select | Mixcloud

Premium playback

Listen without limits or ads on the creator channels you support.

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How it works

Choose a creator

Choose a creator you love or discover something totally new. There’s something in the mix for everyone.

Pick a price

Creators can set their own channel price from 2.99 in respective currencies. You can subscribe for this price or choose to pay more if you wish.

Use the Mixcloud app

Your Select subscriptions are part of your Mixcloud experience. Use the mobile app to listen to shows offline and get the most out of Select.

Listen deeper

Listen to your favourite creator’s shows without playback restrictions or ads. Some creators may offer extra benefits such as early access, exclusive shows, extended shows or upfront tracklists.

What the fans are saying

Three men pose wearing baseball caps in front of a fairground ride wearing "Club Killers Crew" t-shirts
Mixcloud Select makes commuting underground more enjoyable as I can now listen to my favourite tracks all of the time wherever I am.
An avatar image of a man wearing glasses stretching his t-shirt up and holding it in his mouth.
Mitpat77Supporting Club killers
John Digweed Logo. A white graphic of a pill with a quarter missing on a black background.
I feel more engaged with my favourite artists and love knowing that music producers are being rewarded for their great music.
An avatar image of a smiling man holding a baby in a train station.
Richard LawrenceSupporting John Digweed
A man in a baseball cap stands in front of a shelf of vinyl records, in his hands, he is holding one record and reading the sleeve intently.
The creators put in a lot of time in curating their shows, it seems fair that the community chips in.
An avatar image of a side profile of a man wearing a patterned shirt.
DriesSupporting Lefto

Fan or creator? Get involved

Mixcloud Select is our pioneering move toward building a sustainable ecosystem for audio culture. We’re only just getting started. Whether you’re a fan or a creator, join us.