HQ Audio

Stand out from the crowd with high quality uploads

Enhance the audio quality of all your content and let your listeners hear the difference.
a collage of a screenshot of the mixcloud app player and a 'HQ audio' UI badge with a photo of a young woman listening to music on headphones

Receive tips

Unlock a higher bitrate

Upgrade all your shows to three times higher than the standard rate.

Give your shows a professional sound

Raise the quality bar and offer a listening experience your fans won't forget.

Boost engagement on your shows

Encourage fans to listen for longer, on repeat and share with their communities.

Get an HQ badge on uploads

Set yourself apart with an HQ badge tagged on all your shows and tracks.

Receive subscriptions

Upgrade to Pro for the full creator toolkit

Get access to all the creators features including Unlimited uploads, Live streaming HQ audio, monetization, newsletters and more.