Music 4 Hours #07

1 year ago

Surprise! Here's already Music 4 Hours #7. More uptempo and dancey than the last one, and quite chaotic at times; some records are really reluctant to blend in nicely. ;)

Often when I mix I enter some kind of dream-state where I'm not really sure what I'm doing, where the different sounds come from, which records I pick, or how to stop my curiosity about what will happen if the transition between two records goes on for a (too) long time; what will happen if I step back? It always turns into an experiment; in harmonies, frequencies, tempo, and styles. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but I don't enjoy to play it safe or stay too long in the same genre.

This time I played records from Eno-Roedelius-Moebius, Robyn, Linear Movement, Victor Ark, Benoit & Sergio, Andy Romano, Kleerup, Xander Harris, Hypnotique, Makina Girgir, Trentemøller, Signal Aout 42, Naum Gabo, 4 for Money, Grace Jones, Slyck, Ultra Satan, Talking Drums, Jimi Goodwin, Mildlife, The Androids, A Certain Ratio, Goldfrapp, AKSK, Sally Shapiro, Filur, Admas, Knut Skodvin, Panta Rhei, Telex, Nordub, Woima Collective, Brigitte Bardot, Laughing Eye and more...

The complete tracklist will as usual be posted in my group:
I hope you will enjoy the selection!