Zomaar Radio #219; Sloperradio

Zomaar Radio #219; Sloperradio

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Zomaar Radio #219; Sloperradio
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Zomaar Radio

Lachen, gieren, beuken!



Playing tracks by Puppy & The Hand Jobs, Lewsberg and Lithics.


Zomaar Radio


Puppy & The Hand Jobs - I Hate Everything
Teenage Head - Picture My Face
Hank Wood & The Hammerheads - Tomorrow
The Cowboys - Wise Guy Algorithm
Laffing Gas - Swinging Back
Repeat Offender - Prime Suspect
Lumpy And The Dumpers - Face the Meat
Android - Evolution Letdown
Youth Deprivation - Leave Me Alone
Muro - Ciudades Del Futuro
BIB - The Fool
S.H.I.T. - Eraser IIII
Cold Meat - Crawlers
Lewsberg - At Lunch
The Stroppies - Holes in Everything
The Tubs - I Don’t Know How it Works
Lithics - Hands
The Natural M*n Band - Working Nights
The Mark Vodka Group - Everybody’s Punk Now
Alien Nosejob - Weight of the World
Drab Majesty - A Dialogue