Zomaar Radio #136; Multilocal

Zomaar Radio #136; Multilocal

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Zomaar Radio #136; Multilocal
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The title Multilocal is inspired by this TED talk by write Taiye Selasi: “Don’t ask me where I’m from, ask me where I’m a local”. Selasi propose three means to determine where you’re a local, the 3 R’s: Rituals (or routines), Relationships, and Restrictions.
What rituals or routines do you parcipate in, where do they originate? Week-by-week, who are you checking in with, talking to, concerned with – where are your relationships based?
And restrictions: where are you allowed to be at home, to participate fully, and on whose terms – here the state intervenes to shape our identity and sense of belonging.
Today's guest is Harmke Eisen, a Northener with roots in Friesland, Groningen and Drenthe and with a special love for Ireland.

Multilocal is a initiative by City Central: www.citycentral.nl facebook.com/citycentralgroningen !

Recorded live on the 31st of Januari in the attic of Vera, Groningen.