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The "Diffusion" cassette. It went down rather well locally at the live "shows" downtown, while testing the prototypes out a few doors down from the "bar". Mind you, most everyone was sloshed and baked (etc), so that doesn't really count. And other events, had agendas i did not relate to in the least (community? social stepping? local newspaper? suit and ties? PISS OFF!). Most CD copies were handed out for free on the streets, one kid even smashed one after listening to it (that's right, it sounded nothing at all like Eminem or ICP), which was considered a positive sign.
But... we're (Or should I say "I"? It IS a solo project isn't it? isn't it? yes AND no) onto bigger and better audio programs from this point forth...
But who cares what gear you have and own, really.
I'd take the Shamans banging sticks and rocks in the forest over a fucking top-40 remix on the latestest expensive DJ gear at a bar anyday or night.
So long, hope you get the message!