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Philadelphia / Nyc / Pittsburgh, United States

Young Robots is a a record label run by Skinny Friedman, DJ Apt One (aka Michael The Lion), Relative Q and DJ Ayres. Founded in 2009, the label is dedicated to putting out electronic music in a range of genres including house, disco, techno, italo, dubstep, moombahton, tech house and everything in between. We allow artists the freedom to release creative projects and we do not retain rights or control of their music.

Acts with past or forthcoming releases or remixes on the label include RCMP, Skinny Friedman, DJ Apt One, Fashen, Pumpkin Patch, DJ Ayres, Relative Q, Philadelphyinz, Todd Edwards and Robert Lux, Tom Mouton, Fonksquish, FSQ, DJ Melo, Michael The Lion, Peter Dragontail & Maggie Horn, Solidisco, Bang Noyes, Cassius Slay, Jay Fay, Dash Speaks, Elvis Suarez, Sammy Bananas, Fifteenth, Thee Mike B, Cousin Cole, Shawn Rudiman, Rob Threezy, Uncle Jesse, Obeyah, Laberge, Nicos Gun, Kutcorners and more.