Bada Boom Yame Japan 2015

Bada Boom Yame Japan 2015

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Bada Boom Yame Japan 2015
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Just had my third complete listen to this fantastic mix and I’m floored. The project enters with a beat infused Thrillseekers remix of Jan Johnston’s “Calling Your Name,” backed with some hard hitting underground trance drums. Just the opening alone is taking me back to 1999 Raves, and I am hook line and sinker. With artists like E-Clip, Zyce, and Don Diablo, the mix has some really great tracks, and as a whole, it’s worth listening to in one sitting. Not many mixes these days can accomplish this. What I really loved about this project is it isn’t over saturated with vocals; granted we love to hear the Queen of Trance (Jan Johnston’s) vocals gracing the rumbling drum cadences but the progressive sounds of Armin Van Buren and Bryan Cox break the monotony and create some great fast thumping sequences. Yahru El Guru does a great job mixing a strong progressive melody with great remixes, bass driven beats, and impressive beat breaks....

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Playing tracks by Jan Johnston, E-Clip, Blend (Thomas J)/MH20, Jaroslaw M , E-Clip & zyce and more.