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  • 1 year ago
Ep 97 - Are We ALL Created Equal?

Ep 97 - Are We ALL Created Equal?

On this episode, Mike Yard, Luna Tee, and Carla Keyz talk about this guy that "dique" travels the world in a canoe. A canoe, ladies and gentlemen. Do we believe it, or are we skeptical?

The Yard also discuss the transgender community, more specifically Caitlyn Jenner. You know we support the LGBTQ community but we can't help to ask, is it fair to compete in sports when you were born a different sex from the rest of the competitors? Do the hormones a trans person was born with imbalance the scale of competition? Real questions that we would love real answers to, if you've got the facts! And can a transwoman identify with or understand the woman struggle?

The Yard wants to know, is the discrimination that other minorities face similar to the discrimination that black people face? Is it the same if a Chinese person is called by a racial slur "chinc", as a black person being called by the racial slur "nigger"?

You know what it's sex, politics, and all of the messy stuff in b