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DJ Xplosiv in the mix - Random Set

DJ Xplosiv in the mix - Random Set



@ 53:22 - Still SOLID!!! Smashin' IT!!!

IF I could summarize all the BELOW, well - just keep on it X!

I personally, if I was a recording/producing musician, would be convinced that my sound could NEVER stand out enough... not bizarrely enuff, but to have mixes that everyone would be like... WHOOOAAAHOOOAA... that kinda standing out (imo)

There was a quote I once read, it wasn't from Quincy Jones, but I almost think it's somethin' he would* say -

"It's one thing to be ahead of the curve; to be doing something ppl can recognize as innovative & inventive... It's another thing altogether to be THE curve that everyone has to innovate around, to out-invent... It's WHEN everyone else seems to be having to outcraft whatever* you do, that you can do what-you-do and succeed, but have challenges too."

Certainly ^easier^ said than done, but apply that mindset to Jump UP and you could last forever; then again - I'm just an American who likes to think he can tell the differences between dubstep AND dub(step).


@ 39:50 - Where as I have enduringly began to treasure the more prolific and technical elements of jungle within DNB; I also comparatively want to hold more revereance for dub and the level of commitment it takes to carve a sound within a culture of feeling and to practically be a DIY market of musicians who even regionally can help promote their differences while acknowledging that the variety is all in the mix^^
Further more, the ever essential sorting may actually help audiences eager and hungry to recognize differences with a market over saturated with musicians who need the exposure but haven't the listeners (specialized enough) to help set aside and promote the uniqueness to make it a niche worth gettin' stuck in despite the near dominating force of American dubstep buyers; or downloaders that click buttons pushing peak sales that officials (magazines. blogs, charts, even commercials - sadly) note in their ratings (ratings, what a laff, lol!)


@ 25:34 - bring It back, bring that beat... BACK!!!

Whether it be a matter of events or tours that help set the differences of producers into place on 'core sound' VS new school; there shall be a Judgement day for it all...
Can US fans, us supporters, us Commentators that raid the long mixes and hit the 'new release tracks' be the rage and the grit to help harden the determination of these hallowed producers to see Jump Up through the hardships, the divisions OR have I just bespeckled an era that may never arrive,?
I certainly never thought there could be THE blowback from dub legionaires VS the "American base" that thinks "dubstep is THE sh*t"... I never would have imagined^^
I hardly had an ear for dub(step) via the roots and Euro-core of tradition behind dub that had helped it to more international appeal until "dubstep" came a'landin' the way it did...
I wouldn't give it 2 years ago that I had an idea about where future 'sound battles' would be potentially waged; where 'genres' wouldn't be @ combat, but 2 different walls of sound driven by 2 absolutely different components (imo)
I personally think I can position it down to guitars and breaks and the more obvious of hip hop fueled drums & beats that portion and help arrange dubstep for American audiences & listeners.
AND harmfully, however, most of the near religious elements once sacramental to dub and dub producers and the rather chill or lounge vibe* of production is blatantly gone & abandoned by this "Americanization."


@ 15:22 I get called a lot of things (usually azzhole from tha ladies) but I'm yet to be The Harbinger or an albatross, but the partial truth is in just that*

[strange fact - even an albatross can not see land for months at a time! How does any bird not sleep for months; fly with one eye closed,? Those very daring sea birds eventually find land, but in days of old they were omens to sea lost adventurers and were usually the land driven guides they'd find when any way was no way near]

These days, though, an albatross can be an ill sign, however.
Consider it a warning, consider an ill fated marker that when even I find myself beginnin' to adore and support wholeheartedly... it isn't long that the brainless, heartless droves that helped 'Americanize' dub will try their hand at corrupting Jump Up, but that's just my opinion.
Long speeches short - there is a hope & therein lay the life's blood of what propelled Jump Up all this while before harbingers like me began to trickle in... the producers, yes - the DJs & MCs that have helped it ALL this way!
It is not an IF, but the will of these said producers to help retain the formulas, the feel, the very sound that founded the rougher, heavier, more stringent elements of where DNB was bound for all those years ago... These producers will be able to tell anyone from the spot on of who's made their move to leech the Jump Up sound; who's slithered in to impurify it and to help detail the mishandling of what they hold true to_ just like dub fans and audiences still bicker on about how 'dubstep' has taken an ill turn for many... I personally know to give it time and to let The Sorting work itself out; as there will be a sorting for Jump Up too.


@ 4:10 - I gotta admit, I didn't know what to think of Jump Up when I first got hooked; I mean I'd been on (listenin' and lovin') hip hop & rhymes and heavy beats & even grime in its slower aspects of ultra sludgy dub(step)... but THIS, the hooks, the change-ups, harmonies, and of course - BOOM & BAAASSS!
I have NO issues with accepting it as a long-time UK secret; "Underground" is plenty fittin' fer it; but as I've long suspected - even fans of rock hop, rap-lectro, clubstep and the more souring success (for plenty of folks including me) of the 'Americanized' dubstep are gonna find it; the grooves will feed their sorrowful souls (in my case at least) and ppl will eventually know the core of Jump Up; for a time*


I was On yesterday, grabbin' a listen of this, I wanna guess this was just when USZ was gettin' the studio wired; stream hadn't gone and the decks were still in trial & error aka business operations weren't solvent just then...
SOLID on It^_^ Feeling locked; got the USZ kru doin' "The Ultimate Skank Out" - least I can do is me homework w/ 'ese,? Safe!