XLR8R Podcast 746: Galaxian

XLR8R Podcast 746: Galaxian

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XLR8R Podcast 746: Galaxian
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Fast-paced techno and electro from Glasgow.

Artist profile and interview: https://bit.ly/XLR8Rpodcast_Galaxian

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DJ Bigos (Mike Roter)

01. Jóhann Jóhannsson “The Beast” (Varćøse Sarabande)
02. Scalameriya “Bmg1#7” (Genesa015d)
03. Razbibriga “Znojeva Varka” (Genesa015d)
04. Peder Mannerfelt “Summercase 2006” (Voam)
05. Killawatt “Your Face Is A Shovel” (47)
06. All Trades “Engage” (Theoretical Functions Shubzin)
07. DJ T-1000 “I Told ‘Em I Was From Detroit” (DJ Stingray Remix) (Suspected)
08. Assembler Code “Lateral Transfer” (Censor Records)
09. Galaxian “Full Spectrum Resistance” (Foul-Up X Shipwrec)
10. Chaos “Afrogermanic” (Original Mix) (Underground Resistance)
11. Galaxian “Catalyst For Change” (Forthcoming)
12. Perception “Mirage” (Underground Resistance)
13. Galaxian “We Are Power” (Foul-Up X Shipwrec)
14. Human Rebellion “Cosmocracy” (Human Rebellion Records)
15. Julien Bracht “Streets” (DJ Stingray Remix) [System Records]
16. Modeselektor “Mean Friend” (DJ Stingray Remix) (Monkeytown Records)
17. Galaxian “Do Not Be Programmed” (Curtis Electronix)
18. Wheez-Ie “Anon” (DJ Stingray 313 Rmx) (Evar Records)
19. Hosmoz “Apsisukimiu Pandak” (Bedroom Research)
20. Galaxian “Untitled” (Unreleased)
21. Galaxian “Untitled” (Unreleased)
22. Uncrat “Clear Quesy” (P.E.A.R.L. Remix) (Moral Standards)
23. Deka “Pearl” (Nikita Zabelin Edit) (Trip)
24. Universal Indicator “Untitled” (Rephlex)
25. Universal Indicator “Untitled” (Rephlex)
26. Rx-101 “Fm Bells” (Suction Records)
27. Rx-101 “Rx-Generator” (Suction Records)
28. Renick Bell “Groove-11-1” (Outlines)
29. Katatonic Silentio “Evolutionary Inertia” (CyberspeakMusic)
30. Oall Hates “Adderol” (Flore Remix) (Of Paradise)
31. Bjarki “Sudbury Acid Slurp 2” (Original Mix) (Trip)
32. Urban Tribe “Protein Coat” (Trust)
33. World 2 World “Amazon” (Underground Resistance)
34. Colin Stetson “Reborn” (Milan)

Nick Mimick

This is a great mix, super dark techno/electro bangers


I heard about it, it's great.