XLR8R Podcast 437: The Gaslamp Killer

XLR8R Podcast 437: The Gaslamp Killer

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XLR8R Podcast 437: The Gaslamp Killer
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There aren't many electronic musicians alive today—and he's almost not alive today after a near-fatal scooter accident in July, 2013—that possess the same aurora and pure fan wonderment that William Bensussen (a.k.a. The Gaslamp Killer) does. His worldly, psychedelic musical offerings pull from a wide-ranging pool of influences, from Turkish psych to Ethiopic jazz, Middle-Eastern rare grooves and beyond, and have landed on labels such as Flying Lotus' Brainfeeder, Alpha Pup, and his own Gaslamp Killer Music. A founding member of LA's notorious, genre-bending collective and club night Low End Theory, Bensussen's chops behind the decks match that of his production output, resulting in a frenzied and often polarizing melting pot of disparate rhythms and bass-heavy beats. A true digger, Bensussen's record collection is rumoured to be sitting around the 14,000 mark and his mixtapes are some of the most eclectic and celebrated in electronic music.


Playing tracks by Molecule, Tame Impala, Joker, Aedfx, Danny Brown and more.

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Pedro Massa Geded


Spiros Politis  - D.J S.P®

Great start.!! (thanks antoniovicentini)


The first song if anyone is interested: Kadia Blues by Orchestre de la Paillotte

DuVergne Gaines

I think I'm in love.


Thanks GLK for playing my track Guasba Lik at 7:55 !
Check it out on my last album www.soundcloud.com/aelimusic

Nabeel El-Dughailib

yes yesssss, sick

Chris Eakr Hamilton

another dope gas lamp killer mix...biggup xlr8r and biggup gas lamp killllllaaaahh!. Guy is a genius.

Daniel Ustinov

Knew id hear SHADES

Daniel Ustinov

YESSS hyped for this, nice to see gaslamp killer on hereee

DJ Bernstein

tracklist?? plz


Id on 21:50???

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