Wreck Yodel Extreme 1154

Wreck Yodel Extreme 1154

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Wreck Yodel Extreme 1154

WTM #1154: YOdel Xtreme ~ wReck thiS meSS ~ Amsterdam ~ 02.07.12

playlist: https://bartyodel2.wordpress.com/2015/10/16/wreck-yodel-xtreme-1154/

Yodel eXtreme: experimental, extrapolated, exstatic, extended: in prep for presentation on 7 July @ Extrapool, Nijmegen & the fall publication of YODEL IN HIFI, please listen to Tim Buckley, Fatima Miranda, Yodeling Slim Clark, Meredith Monk, Phil Minton, Leon Thomas, Wally Cox, Carolina Cotton, Raionbashi & Kutzkelina, Demetrio Stratos, Kishore Kumar, Paul Dutton, Kristina Fuchs, Barbara Hannigan, Randy Erwin, Ray Stevens, Stew Clayton, Christine Lauterburg, Shelley Hirsch, Anna Nacher, Lonely Organist & many more....


Playing tracks by B/ART, JAYBEE, Fátima Miranda, Yodeling Slim Clark, Charlotte Regni and more.


Peter Jones

Nice surprise Bart to see my best friend Stew Clayton, Stew is very under rated he is up there with the best of them..


spectacular - thanks Bart - miss you on wfmu / glad to find you here


elmo lincoln was the first tarzan. johnny was the best and invented the tarzan yell//cry/yodel. even author burroughs did not describe such a complex and beautiful cry.

Sloan's Recluse

What do I Think?
1) Sorry to see that no one really answered the question. So...
2) I think YoX is an excellent chromosome and presentation of the gene pool genre. Perhaps a little inbreeding helped the yodeling and not the obvious attention span.
3) Think: Buster Crabbe of the first Tarzan movie(s) almost got it right.
Would his variation be considered a yodel without the classic warble glissandos? What duuuuh y'all think? Discuss...


Amazing ! Thanx for this unbelievable mix !


the vids i'll be showing make it all the more clear - yodeling is the next dubstep...

Mark McCawley

something about a yodel that just starts your day with a grin... thanks, bart!


really way out stuff.. maybe even too esoteric for me?