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  • 2 years ago
#62: Broken Shores and Broken Add-ons

#62: Broken Shores and Broken Add-ons

The full gang of Nick, Rei, Jeremy, and Eric are back! This week has been full of excitement as everyone has been enjoying the Legion Invasions! Get your alts out and go level them up for crazy mad XP! Also there's some sweet ilvl 700+ gear to be had, but don't look for staves or off-hands. Everyone also played through the Broken Shore and got to see King Varian Wrynn go out like a badass. Gul'dan had some good lines as Varian exploded, though. Vol'jin died like a punk, but Sylvanas should be interesting as the new Warchief. The new Demon Hunters are fun to play, too.

Blizzard took time at Gamescom to announce Patch 7.1 as the Return To Karazhan. Everyone but Nick started raiding in Karazhan, so this promises to bring back good memories. But will running a mythic+ dungeon be compatible with running a full time raid group? Why does Nathanos Blightcaller look different know? Stijn from Belgium wants to know! Also, Patch 7.1 will break add-ons like Deadly Boss Mods, and the way Blizzard