Luke Unabomber // 24-07-20

Luke Unabomber // 24-07-20

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Luke Unabomber // 24-07-20
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Tune in for a special show from Luke Unabomber as he goes through his musical archive of blood, sweat and tears for the late night disenfranchised with slow motion techno, spiritual jazz, Brazilian cosmic to funk dancing in the outerspace to high-tech Detroit futurism.

Beginning his career as a record collector in 1980s Manchester, his partnership with fellow Unabomber Justin Crawford saw the birth of Electric Chair, a cornerstone night in the UK club scene, followed by Electric Elephant, a Croatian festival paying homage to the hedonistic Manc scene and their Homoelectric night. Today Luke remains, as ever, at the forefront of a changing scene, pairing the momentous legacy of Manchester's 80s and 90s scene with the delivery of what today's club communities need to get down. A force to be reckoned with in the perpetuation of UK club culture and the owner of a singular Instagram account.

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Hoffster Abrams

Superb show. Listened again and again.



30ft Below

Vibes my man.......vibes!

Will Jones

Awesome stuff again. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Unreal…. 🤩🤩🤩🤩

a d e l e

Oooh what’s the track at around 26m in

Ulf Pedersen

Guilty? Streisand & Gibb? You cheeky fucker. My sister you to play this on repeat. Sheer quality. Nobody spins this; ever!! You’ll be sticking on Christopher Cross next ✊🏽


Electric chair


The Bees track is just beautiful...forgot all about that one...

Callum Gillon

whats the track at 39 mins

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