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  • 1 year ago
Brannon Howse: December 20, 2016

Brannon Howse: December 20, 2016

Topic: Sinful anger versus righteous anger. Today Brannon shares about his belief that a small percentage of Christians seem to never have any or little righteous anger. Anger is not a sin if it is a righteous anger or hatred of sin, evil, or injustice. Christians that never have a righteous anger are clearly people that have few convictions, or at the very least, convictions that do not run deep to their very soul and center of who they are and what they are striving to live. The response by Jesus in the temple is a perfect example of a righteous anger, and one more Christians should embrace. (Matthew 21:12) Jesus became angry in Mark 3:5 at how the Pharisees were behaving. The key is that our anger must never be rooted in selfishness. Our anger must not be because we did not get our way. It is never a sin to be grieved or angry over the sins of man that result in people being mistreated, or the sinful actions of others that victimize the helpless, or a government that abuses its powe