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Pokemon GO Big Or Go Home - YMB Podcast E131

Pokemon GO Big Or Go Home - YMB Podcast E131

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This is episode 131 of You, Me, and BTC – your liberty and Bitcoin podcast!

As you probably know, Pokemon GO is taking the world by storm. It’s only been available for a few weeks and by some counts, it’s already nearly as popular as Twitter. Today’s show is about how, like Bitcoin, this technology can help set the world free.

Actually, none of Pokemon GO’s tech is especially new. It’s just been combined and designed in a revolutionary way. The game has convinced millions of users to start running around their communities, exploring and meeting new people. It’s got the masses strategizing, socializing, competing, and cooperating. It’s brought so much good to the world more efficiently than any government could ever hope to.

Are there any catches though? How does Nintendo plan to monetize the new app? Will they spy on