Stactirrm Radioo #2

Stactirrm Radioo #2

5 years ago
Stactirrm Radioo #2
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William Davison

In 2017, I produced a series of radio art programs called "Stactorm Radioo". Each episode of "Stactorm Radioo" was a random collection of one-minute excerpts from the archives of The Recordists ( - audio experiments, studio outtakes, performance excerpts, beats, basement jams, field recordings, song sketches, misc. noises, etc. The series consisted of twelve 30-minute programs, released monthly for the entirety of 2017. After some recent conversations with my friend Matt Waldron, a.k.a., we decided to collaborate on a new radio art project which would use the same approach as "Stactorm Radioo". Matt named it "Stactirrm Radioo". Each episode of "Stactirrm Radioo" consists of thirty random one-minute excerpts - 15 from Matt's archive and 15 from my own. These thirty audio clips are assembled (again, randomly) by me and published here on Mixcloud. This is Stactirrm Radioo Program #2, Feb. 2019. Enjoy! - W.A.Davison