Street Soul Edition Vol. 2

Street Soul Edition Vol. 2

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Street Soul Edition Vol. 2
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Will B Nice

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The 2nd publication from the popular Street Soul series featuring a selection of tracks popular with the discerning select soul fraternity, especially in U.K. channeling the vibes of Gallery, PSV, The Place, Hamilton's, Benny's, Cinderella's, Rock City, Mr Smiths, Reynolds bar Carlton Club, Walkers, Hoochie Coochie, The Belfry, Boodles, Seventh Heaven & so many more


Playing tracks by Ashanti, Mary J Blige, Mica Paris, SWV, Soul For Real and more.


Andrew Wheal * DJ-AW *

Nice set @willbnice , not my usual vibe but I enjoyed it thank you 🙏🔊🎶

Will B Nice

Thank you and even mores if it aint your usual bag, it must have it the spot, stay blessed brother man.


good morning Saturday soundtrack! ... sounding sweet brotherman! ohwaaa mica paris .. yehhhhhh!!

Will B Nice

Seriously man, thank you so much coming from you this is big and very nice too. I appreciate it, Stay funky brother!