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  • 2 years ago

Mark, Wes, & SteveO at a secret location in Oakland, CA.Sites of Interest:Microsoft says it's making 'adjustments' to Tay chatbot after Internet 'abuse'Microsoft's 'social experiment' revealed a lot about Internet culture.FBI director says fight with Apple about terrorism, not setting precedent"You are simply wrong to assert that the FBI and the Justice Department lied...."Apple is boring nowAt a lightning-fast press event yesterday (March 21), Apple announced a spate of product updates. A year ago, it unveiled the new MacBook laptop and told us when the Apple Watch—its first entirely new product in five years—would be available. At yesterday’s event, Apple’s big reveal was a smaller iPhone and iPad.Once thought safe, DDR4 memory shown to be vulnerable to “Rowhammer”New research finds "bitflipping" attacks may pose more risk than many admit. (10KB)Israeli Firm Reportedly Helping FBI Crack San Bernardino Phone (Updated)Cellebrite is a firm that specializes