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Nozbe Task Management - Patreon Pays Content Creators

Nozbe Task Management - Patreon Pays Content Creators

Today I point out a very cool task management system that not only makes handling all of your project a breeze, but it integrates with sites like Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Calendar. Here is where things get cool. You can have multiple tasks added by sending ONE email to a special email address assigned to your account. All you do is separate the tasks with a period. So it might be
.bring home milk
.text wife a loving message
.call you mother
and all those three items would be turned into separate tasks.
Nozbe can be used by anyone - you'll see only the features you'll need. Nothing more. Simple, uncluttered to-do list if you need it to be. And free up to 5 projects! If you need more, it's only $8 and up.
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Patreon is a cool way to boost crowd funding. You can get paid on a monthly basis, or you can get paid when you release content. There are people making some pretty decent cash. You can specify different