WBTC - The Club

Atlanta, United States

"Blaine’s Travel Club ( http://blainestravelclub.com ) is dedicated to honoring and celebrating the lives and spirit of the Original Party Animals, our respected and beloved Baby Boomers & Seniors, who inspire us, and during the Swing 20s, 30s & 40s, Hand Jive 50s, thru the Disco 70s & beyond, have set the standard for how we party, even to this day!

Our goal, with your help, is to recreate a Friendlier, Happier, Nostalgic past full of Fun, Energy, Camaraderie, Conversation, Peace & Love, for a life that is enhanced by our personal smart devices, not dominated by them!" - Blaine Klingaman

With much inspiration, I've created the most bizarre Retro Radio Station, named WBTC - The Club ( http://wbtctheclub.com ), for the purpose of entertaining Baby Boomers, Seniors, Official Blaine's Travel Club members, and their family & friends, plus, posting educational podcasts on how to generate income!

Join us for Disco Happy Hour, Monday-Friday from 4pm-9pm