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Your Opinion is Wrong - Episode 10 - Controlling Sex

Your Opinion is Wrong - Episode 10 - Controlling Sex

As we know sex is the basis of human reproduction, but sex goes much further than just that. It’s fun, it’s an exercise, it’s emotional, passionate, it drives marketing campaigns, helps people make money and diseases, it is used to make you buy shampoo and deodorant, it makes us awkward teenagers and occasionally awkward adults too. Sex is a massive thing in society, and as a powerful tool some argue that it requires controlling. Currently there are laws in place which vary throughout the world which control age of consent, and in some places marriage is required before sex can legally take place. Sex is also controlled through law in terms of what acts can be done throughout sex, sodomy laws technically still exist in many western countries today.

We will be discussing the idea of the government controlling our rights regarding sex, and also touch on society’s stigmas regarding sexual intercourse.

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