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Nov.7, 2017 #The World Says#Art Of Humor

Nov.7, 2017 #The World Says#Art Of Humor

节目组: The World Says 世界说 节目名称: Ginkgo Festival of SYAU "Mute ,History:hahahah~Esther:Wow!It's quite lively.What's so funny?(此处为郭德纲相声片段)Esther:haha~I get it.That's cross-talk which is called XiangSheng in Chinese.It's a great art of humor!History:Both of us grow in Dong Bei.So,for us,cross-talk is an essential mood regulator in our daily life." Poker Face 插曲1 Young For YouEsther:Well,but have you known about other performance forms of humor abroad?History:I have ever heard "Talk Show".Maybe talk show is a series of jokes out of mouth immediately without deep thoughts.Esther:No,No,No,that's not exactly.You have taken it literally!Actually,British also call it "chat show".Pay attention to the word of "chat"!So,we could guess its main part is dialogue.Mute:Wow!You seems to know it well.It is no exaggeration to say i watch America's TV programme day in and day night.But i am not familiar with their attribute.Could you go into more details?Esther:Why not!For example,someone declared he owns