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  • 2 years ago
Dec. 01, 2016 #The World Says# old  tech 怀旧

Dec. 01, 2016 #The World Says# old tech 怀旧

节目组: The World Says 世界说节目名称: old tech 怀旧开头曲 Turn my world aroundI: Hello everyone, welcome to the world says from the VOE foreign language station. This is Iris.S:(whisper a song♬)And I'm Sherlock.I: You listen to your Walkman here again.S: oh sorry. Well, I'll be serious. Please continue.I: We're talking about old technology today, Sherlock. Did you use to have any old tech, you know, a Walkman, back in the1990s? Before music went digital?S:No.I didn't have a Walkman...But I do have a record player.专门用来播放我的黑胶唱片。I:I know you like flared trousers, but I didn't realize you were that retro. A record player, for those of you who don't know, is a box with a turntable or turning plate that you put your vinyl records on to play them.S: And retro means going back to styles and fashions from the past. Well,I love my record player.I have a large collection of vinyl records, as well as cassette tapes that I inherited from my parents...I: Vinyl is the plastic that records are made from. And casse