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  • 3 years ago
How to Use Goals and Milestones

How to Use Goals and Milestones

How to Use Goals and Milestones
Sarah Guldalian: Thank you for joining us today on Vision Unleashed, the podcast for leaders. My name is Sarah Guldalian, and I'm your host today here with Zach Clark, founder and lead coach of Development and Leadership Coaching. Hi, Zach.
Zach Clark: Hello there, Sarah. How are you today?
Sarah: I'm doing great.
Zach: It's good to be with you.
Sarah: It's good to be with you too. I'm excited about today's topic. It's one I'm really curious about. Today, we're talking about How to Use Goals and Milestones. First of all, I know there is a portion of our audience who are really excited to use this concept to move forward, but first things first. Will you define a goal for us?
Zach: Yes. Oftentimes when I teach on this, people will say, "Isn't this just semantics?" Then I'll hear them say, "I started out thinking this was just semantics, but I'm getting it now and seeing the difference." It starts with an understanding of what exactly a goal is. Goal is on