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Vinyl Miners- Taurus Beta

Vinyl Miners- Taurus Beta

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Vinyl Miners.

The Beta Taurid meteor shower occurs during the months of June and July in the daytime, and is normally observed using radio techniques.
The brightest member of this constellation is Aldebaran, an orange-hued, spectral class K5 III giant star.Its name is from al-dabaran, Arabic for 'the follower of the Pleiades'

In the northeastern quadrant of the Taurus constellation lie the Pleiades, one of the best known open clusters, easily visible to the naked eye. The seven most prominent stars in this cluster are at least visual magnitude six, and so the cluster is also named the "Seven Sisters".

The Taurids are commonly known as the Halloween Fireballs for their yearly October and November activity. Taurid meteors are produced by Comet Encke which is one of the best observed comets in history. The reason for this is that it circles the Sun once every 3.3 years which provides lots of opportunities to observe it.

Lovingly Blended by Bodie



The ducks nuts!


This is Ferrari! anywhere I can download this masterpiece?

Lion's Milk

amazing! not even half way there


This is just all good.


Shifting the hangover with this one.

SELECTOR anonimo

Same as Septiembre_70 >>>>>> UNIversal <<<< love it!!!!! enJOY LIfE!!!!!!


You've done it again ! Brilliant ! I respect your anonymity, but I wish I knew what a couple of the tracks were. The ones I know, very well chosen.