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VWP047: Who Am I

VWP047: Who Am I

Who Am I?Who am I? Well, many of us spend far too long in our lives looking for that answer to that elusive question. It seems to keep changing. And duh, of course it changes. Because we are continually having new and different experiences that change our perspective on ourselves and the world.You are your story and there are many, many pieces of information you can use to define who you are. For instance, I could define myself as being the victim of a poor childhood where I didn’t learn the things I needed to become successful in this world at the age of whatever. That’s not a very good example for my life as I began my first screw up at 17 and not even an adult. Anyway, I could remain in that feeling of being a victim or I could switch to the experiences that molded me in a way that has been very beneficial to me. Sure I had some rough knocks, but I had a great education and I am very intelligent. I eventually found my way to the IT field and was able to make a good living. Would I