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  • 3 years ago
VWP030: Freedom and Liberty

VWP030: Freedom and Liberty

Freedom and LibertyNo one wants to believe that they are in a cell. Nobody wants to believe they are in prison. No one wants to accept that the wall is really there and the illusion that you can go beyond it is a hologram. It’s not real. And it’s scary as hell to realize that in order for me to have my freedom, the people over there with whom I vehemently disagree, I disagree with their way of life, I disagree with their choices, or perhaps I disagree with their religion must also be allowed their freedom. Even if I could impose my will on someone else with a majority vote, all that means is that as soon as I am not the majority, guess what? Whoever is the majority gets to impose their ideas and will on me.If I think it is okay for me to shove somebody because I am bigger and stronger than they are, then it’s okay for them to shove me because they are bigger and stronger than I am. And this is what our nation has become. We are a nation of bullies. It’s the population that are bullie