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  • 2 years ago
Volume 1, Issue #8: The Throroughly Vincible VeXed Men

Volume 1, Issue #8: The Throroughly Vincible VeXed Men

Invincible is a series that brought joy back into superhero comics for The VeXed Men and our guest Austin Hendricks (as well as our silent guest, Kevin Spak who we had to edit out due to technical issues) but then Kirkman yanked the joy out of it, stomped all over it, lit it on fire, and threw in a rape storyline but we still keep reading this book! Find out why.

01:25 - Why we fell in love with Invincible
05:47 - Why Anthony stopped loving it
06:47 - Adam gets disenchanted at issue #60
07:57 - Austin wishes there were more 3-D female characters
10:05 - Kevin bows out at issue #97
15:45 - Reboot? One More Day? Crisis Of Infinite Secret Wars?
20:00 - Invincible (the character) is bad at decisiveness
22:34 - When the shock value doesn't work
24:12 - Austin pitches Invincimom
27:00 - First issues take us back to the 90s