Prøverommet on Vers Libre – Eps#3 – (01.07.21)

Prøverommet on Vers Libre – Eps#3 – (01.07.21)

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Prøverommet on Vers Libre – Eps#3 – (01.07.21)

Listen to a live conversation following on from ‘The Dreamwork / prøverommet at Aldea’, which took place back in April. The workshop challenged artists from across disciplines to actively consider possibilities that may be opened up by environmental constraints. Joining the table will be three artists: Ruth Aitken and James Lee from The Arctic Agency in Tromsø, who initiated the project, and Inish, who participated in the workshop.

prøverommet is BIT Teatergarasjen’s autonomous sidekick, moving between venues, galleries and other places around Bergen. This concept provides an opportunity for new voices, new material, thoughts and ideas to be tested out in an informal and dynamic alternative to the permanent institutions in Bergen.

prøverommet in is supported by Bergen Kommune, BIT Teatergarasjen and Kulturrådet. Photo credit: Ada Miko.