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Meditation with a Buddhist Twist

Meditation with a Buddhist Twist

Buddhist meditation is a powerful mind-science that can help you build the muscles of inner peace and joy. From why you're suffering, to how and why to meditate- including a guided meditation practice- I break down this ancient wisdom in a way that will change your mind and open up your life.

"This class blew my hair back. Social media is clogged with feel-good primers on how best to achieve peace and tranquility, yet few teachers delve into the mind science of this process. Vanessa has dedicated a good portion of her life to deepening her understanding of Buddhism, and it shows. Her ability to express complex concepts in easily relatable terms puts her a cut above the rest. You never get the sense that she is dispensing esoteric knowledge from an ivory tower. Her systematic, down-to-earth approach is hugely inspirational, because it inspires you to begin your own unique journey to self-awareness and inner peace." - Beverly Murray