Unpopular Music - September 8, 2018

Unpopular Music - September 8, 2018

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Unpopular Music - September 8, 2018

Today's program follows the usual template of jazzy first hour, less-jazzy second hour. We remember Randy Weston and Khaira Arby. There's a jazzy-yet -haunting piece from between-wars Germany. There's some afro-jazz, some swinging library music, a few, let's say, "jazz-aware" classical pieces. And more, including a song which reminds me of my time working in the CD department of a bookstore where I had no jazz, or really any good records to play (imagine a context where the James Taylor Christmas Album is the one you actually look forward to.)


Playing tracks by Katie Lee, Pat Metheny, Machiko Ozawa / Ryo Yanagitani, Naked City, Mulatu Astatke and more.