Unlog Podcast #7 - Mr Crash (Belgium)

Unlog Podcast #7 - Mr Crash (Belgium)

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Unlog Podcast #7 - Mr Crash (Belgium)
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Our 7th podcast, recorded by Mr Crash (Belgium)

In only two year, this young dj from Liège as already 10 years of practice and as played almost everywhere in Belgium (Dour Festival, Ardentes, Fuse, Dub-Timus, Cartel, Skins Party, Pure FM,…) with the biggest international artists (Koan Sound, Foreign Beggars, Diesel, Culprate, Doctor P, Skrillex, Cookie Monsta, Trolley Snatcha, Bare Noize, Dirtyphonics, Tomba, Roksonix, Culprate, Dubsidia, Chrispy, Jamie XX, Delta Heavy, Camo & Krooked, Eptic, Devnik, Jogo … ).
His rough style that never concedes enchants the Belgian Dubstep audience.


Download : http://www.unlog.info/podcast/unlog_podcast_7_crash.mp3


Playing tracks by Pariah, Bibio, White Papoo, Double Negative, Kyla, DCarls, Knight Riderz and more.