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Judges Chapters 1 and 2

Judges Chapters 1 and 2

Israel preferred their slavery to pagan idolatry instead of trusting in the LORD. Instead of truly repenting, they continued in a downward spiral of sin and rebellion.

Yet in God’s grace, He provided judges or military leaders to deliver His people. Even in the midst of gross idolatry, God still remains steadfast to His covenant people and will never leave nor forsake them.

He will discipline them as a jealous Husband who has every right to passionately protect His bride from being defiled by the nations around Israel.

As believers in Jesus, we have been saved by grace alone and delivered from bondage to sin. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, we can experience a lifestyle of repentance. When we do fall back into rebellion and sin patterns, we must remember that Jesus is our Savior and we find assurance by faith in Him and the gospel.

The grace of God in Christ is never an excuse to continue to live a life of rebellion and sin, but should move us to repentance and find assuran