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Andrew Miller Interview

Andrew Miller Interview

Andrew Miller Interview
Last month, Andrew Miller became the youngest winner at Western States Endurance Run.  He'd worked hard in training, and although he was only 20 years old, Andrew still had six years of ultras under his belt.  Let's find out what drove him to the finish line.
Note: For some reason, my audio mixing board freaked out on me and we sound slightly robot-ish.  My apologies. I like to put out a quality product, and this type of thing drives me nuts.  Better next time.
Ethan and I spoke with Andrew this week about his life leading up to the race.  His mom's been running ultras for a while, and Andrew figured he'd enter his first 50k at 14.  Was there undue pressure? Did he run HS track and cross country? What drew him to the mountains?
And how did he prepare for Western? A strict coaching regimen, or did he self-coach in his spare time?  How about copious notes about his training?  You'll quickly hear a pattern during this interview...Andrew does things his way.
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