2022.13 When Worlds Collide

2022.13 When Worlds Collide

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2022.13 When Worlds Collide

Along with recent psychedelic rock, this episode features psychedelia that crosses genre boundaries, and closes with some recent reissues.
Notes at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-13-when-worlds-collide/
Los Males Necesarios-Repeticion
Black Lizard-Killfire
Dead Waves-Wake Up In The Night
Kikagaku Moyo-Cardboard Pile
Across genres:
Medicine Singers-A Cry/Daybreak
London Odense Ensemble-Sojourner
Surreal-Sun Ra en la quebrada de Macul con Don Cherry
bad lsd trips-Consciousness Burnout
Sensational Country Blues Wonders-There's a Hole in the Fabric of My Reality
Psycada - Abstract/Halal
Primordial Undermind-Hermetic Armada
Science Killer-Blue
Smoke The Light-InHell
Fuzz Sagrado-In Her Garden
Wesleys-Find a Way
Cyanide Jug Band-Girl In The Can-Can Hat
Atom Mother-Searching/Finding
Quantum Pigeon-The Pigeon
Ciencias Ocultas-La ciencia oculta
Herbcraft-California Poppy
Psychlona-Blast Off


Playing tracks by Los Males Necesarios, Black Lizard, Dead Waves, Kikagaku Moyo, Medicine Singers and more.

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Scarsella Vincent

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Richard Tammaro

Just getting started and reading your notes in the link. Very informative and interesting about the cross genres. Los Males Necesarios mention Hendrix being their psyche influence, he came from a blues and R&B background, Buddy Guy saying he is a blues guitarist at heart. Also your lead-in notes saying inspirational music being the biggest influence. I see that, as Middle Eastern music, and a lot of world faith-based music is psyche tinged. Thanks for another set of great music from around the world. I am especially fond of this one.

Turn Me On, Dead Man

Thanks for the feedback. I've been surprised at the sorts of responses I've gotten from the artists about their influences.