2022.12 No Room For Squares

2022.12 No Room For Squares

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2022.12 No Room For Squares

2 hours of psychedelic/garage rock released in 2022. Notable tracks: a collaboration between the Striped Bananas (US) and Ukrainian band Nameless in support of Musicians Defend Ukraine, and a track from We Love You Junzo. Notes at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-12-no-room-for-squares/
Mango Furs-Seeker
Night Rites-Dark Patterns
Melting Palms-Orchard's Lie
Striped Bananas/Nameless-Newest Age Man
Mienakunaru-Invisible Hammerthrow
Dry Mouths-Den-Dro Sum
Birds Flying Backwards-Surrender to The Void
Abronia-Night Hoarders
Golomb-Western Threshold
JIRM-Liquid Covenant
Dialing In-Blooming Wire
Acid Barretts-Heartlock
Vanishing Trace-Pierce My Brain
Bad Liquor Pond-Painted Daisies
Thee Mean Reds-Vessel
Underground Mountains-In Search of Highs pt. 1
Shane Hartman-Presence
East and West Rendezvous-Montjuïc
Sendero Luminoso-Sacred Bones
Spanish English Dictionary-Hard To Find
Floating Witch's Head-911
Omaha Haze-Snow White Ferocity, Snow White Feral City


Playing tracks by The Mango Furs, Night Rites, Melting Palms, The Striped Bananas & Nameless, Mienakunaru and more.


Dani Audí

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If anyone wants more The Dry Mouths: https://discosmacarras.bandcamp.com/album/th-dol

Richard Tammaro

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