2022.11 Vivid Vibes

2022.11 Vivid Vibes

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2022.11 Vivid Vibes

I managed to avoid COVID-19 for over two years but everyone in my household has gotten sick in the last couple of weeks. A varied two-hour set of psychedelia to convalesce to.
Notes, including short interviews with the artists and a music map, at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-11-vivid-vibes/
The Cosmic Lotus - Lotus Devotion (Promo version)
Tombstones In Their Eyes - A Higher Place
Drug Couple - Missed Our Chance
Dhidalah - Soma
Ambassador Hazy - Modes of Transportation
Ecstatic Vision - Elusive Mojo
Foraging Badgers of the Black Forest - Vast Forest Lands
Hashishian - Let Us Reason
The Lower Depths - Trip Hazards
Boschivo - Oltre il Velo
Japanese Television - Space Fruit Vineyard
Limestoned - Sacred Key
Thee UFO - Impish Delight
Black Toast - And the Gods Just Stood There & Laughed
Guitars On Drugs - Trinity
UFO Över Lappland - Blå Vägen
The Telephones - Two Byrds
Weasel - Melt
New Standards Men - Spain's First Astronaut A


Playing tracks by The Cosmic Lotus, Tombstones In Their Eyes, Drug Couple, Dhidalah, Ambassador Hazy and more.



Cracking mix - love the opening tune!