2022.09 Five Eyes

2022.09 Five Eyes

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2022.09 Five Eyes

Recent garage rock and psychedelia from the US & Canada. Along with previous episodes focusing on the UK and Australia/New Zealand, I've covered all of the founding member states of the spy network the Five Eyes alliance. Notes w/short interviews with the artists at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-09-five-eyes/
The Living Sky - Cylinder
Slow Dawn - See-Through
Night Collectors - One Thousand Years
Shimmer Bed - Signs
Supplemental Pills - Run On
Myrrs - When You're Here
thefamilystoned - Deaf Church Choir
Skloss - Upper Attic
Fantastic Purple Spots - Blasting Into The Sun
Magic Shoppe - I Feel High
Daemones - Refractor
Fuguers Cove - Gust
Babe Ruthless - Dog Days
Lightning - Vallejo
Deadlights - Paralyzed
Groop - Belly II
Shimmer Bed - Fine
John Denver Airport Conspiracy - The Big Classic
Omissam - Hide
Cosmic Drifter - Chasing Shadows
Gateless Gate - Helcaraxë One
Lammping - Everlasting Moor
Blume - It's You
Spheroid - Transparent Radiation


Playing tracks by The Living Sky, Slow Dawn, Night Collectors, Shimmer Bed, Supplemental Pills and more.

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Richard Tammaro

Thanks for the tasty set.

Justin Bendell

nice show!