2022.06 The Other Side

2022.06 The Other Side

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2022.06 The Other Side

The playlist is made up of new psychedelic music from Australia & New Zealand. Australia, in particular, has a thriving psychedelic scene. Not to take anything away from New Zealand or anywhere else, it's just that so much good music is coming out of Australia, and it's been enjoyable corresponding with the artists. Drops from On The Beach [1959], a bleak film about nuclear holocaust, but remember, "There is still time, brother."

Notes, music map and interviews at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-06-the-other-side/
Human Rites - The Serpent and the Rainbow
Flower Children of the Apocalypse - Return To The Sun
Golden Sunbird - Voyage, Pt. 2
Frozen Planet….1969 - Glassblaster (Alternate Take)
Black Sand - Salutations To The Sun
Trigona - Petra
Sons Of Zöku - Yang Yin (Radio Edit)
Fuzz Meadows - Orange Sunshine
The Dharma Chain - Shoot Up Love
Legal Noise - Flashback
Fortress Europe & Moonflower - Organ Grinder
Robot God - Valleys of Primordia


Playing tracks by Human Rites, Flower Children of the Apocalypse, Golden Sunbird, Frozen Planet….1969, Black Sand and more.

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