2022.04 Sunday Stone

2022.04 Sunday Stone

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2022.04 Sunday Stone

This episode focuses on psychedelia coming out of the various parts of the UK. The United Kingdom has long been at the forefront of psychedelic music with several key British bands among its originators. The musical styles in this episode run the range from pop to drones to soundscapes.
Notes, with sound map and interviews with the artists, at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-04-sunday-stone
The Lee Rudes - Insignificant Man
The Lunar Fog Occult - Seaglass
The Web of Lies - Best Friend
Artifacts & Uranium - Dive Bomber
Melodrome Man - The Dead Planet
Permanent Rain - Street Song
The Galileo 7 - The man who wasn't there
Necessary Animals - In The Twilight
My Opal Garden - Mind Wandering
Deep Hum - Thoughts of Cats
Organs - Furious Return
Empty House - Zanshin


Playing tracks by The Lee Rudes, The Lunar Fog Occult, The Web of Lies, Artifacts & Uranium, Melodrome Man and more.

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