2022.03 Carved In Stone

2022.03 Carved In Stone

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2022.03 Carved In Stone

Since the start of the year I've been making music maps to go along with the podcasts. Since the maps show where the artists are from, I decided to go with a geographical theme for the next couple of episodes. This episode features bands from all over Europe. One of the most interesting tracks is from Turas Naofa, who made a holy journey from Berlin back to Ireland to record what I'd describe as a shamanistic track that really gets to the essence of psychedelia.
Notes, including a music map and short interviews with the artists, is at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-03-carved-in-stone/
Juárez - Nébula
The Lost Noise Figure - Wake Me Up (When It's Over)
Decasia - Hrosshveli's Ode
Turas Naofa - I Mo Bholg
Bad Bed - No One Can Hear You
Syndrom Samasvanca - Alimpijada-20
Lunar Funeral - Burn The Shadow
Courge, MatttKonture, Alice ElRakun - Arthfuzz
The LSD Zapata - Organik
Küllä Küllä - Aural Surf
black (w)hole - unwind
Apex Ten - The Fourth Passenger


Playing tracks by Juárez, The Lost Noise Figure, Decasia, Turas Naofa, Bad Bed and more.

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Richard Tammaro

Every band is new to me on this set. Thanks for turning me on.