2022.01 Eat Some Soylent Green and Calm Down

2022.01 Eat Some Soylent Green and Calm Down

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2022.01 Eat Some Soylent Green and Calm Down

The dystopian movie Soylent Green [1973] is set in 2022, where the world is overpopulated with a permanent heat wave from greenhouse gases. The Soylent company controls the food supply and they start producing a "miracle food" that they claim is made from plankton but as Charlton Heston discovers, it's really made from human beings. In our timeline 2022 is already starting off with great psychedelia. Notes at https://turnmeondeadman.com/podcast-2022-01-eat-some-soylent-green-and-calm-down/
Solilians - Old Schmeckled Hen
Lamp of the Universe - Return as Light
Clyde Von Klaus - Concede
Ogua - Waves
Waylon Thornton - Blown Princes
Barbican Estate - The Divine Image
Elephant Stone - La fusée du chagrin
Los Árboles - Bebe Jesús
Thee Tabs - Carrier Pigeons
Parker Sprout - Milk in the Sun
Monte Meteoro - Contra
Aeon - Five
io audio recordings - Awaiting The Elliptical Drift


Playing tracks by Turn Me On Dead Man, Solilians, Lamp of the Universe, Clyde Von Klaus, Ogua and more.


Richard Tammaro

Great chill set professor thank you kindly