The Darklord Radio Show "Birthday Special"

The Darklord Radio Show "Birthday Special"

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The Darklord Radio Show "Birthday Special"
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Trevor Bamford

Its my birthday present to myself this show. In it i play as many of my absolute fav tracks ever! Tracks that influenced me, tracks and bands that changed my life. I will, time permitting tell you stories behind the tracks. Its a two hour special, so get your ears on and hook up your pcs for a journey into my Gothic and Gothic connected past. Bands include: Chrome, Hawkwind, Killing Joke, Play Dead, The Banshees, Joy Division, Black Sabbath, Captain Beefheart, The Merry Thoughts, The Garden Of Delight, yelworC, Nitzer Ebb, ENDG, Midnight Configuration, Death Party UK, Arcane Winter, Damon Edge, Ministry and much more!


Playing tracks by Chrome, Damon Edge, Killing joke, Play Dead, Siouxie and the Banshees and more.