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  • 3 years ago
Always get breakfast.

Always get breakfast.

0:00:00 - 0:24:28 - Tucker has been reading Lee Child's Jack Reacher novels again.

Discussed in this section: Lee Child, Prime Suspect, James Ellroy, Blood Meridian, Against the Day, The Book of Numbers, Finnegan's Wake, Dune, John Carter, Gravity's Rainbow, William Gaddis, Preacher, Recognitions, JR, Garth Ennis, The Boys, Suspiria, The Darkness, Marc Silvestri, Stephen Hunter, Werner Herzog, A History of Violence, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Raymond Chandler, Nicholas Cage, Maze Runner, Mayor Carcetti, 12 Rounds, Teen Wolf, American Ultra, Bourne Identity, G.I. Joe 2, Noah, Batman, 311, Korn, Limp Bizkit, Adrian Tomine, Steve Ditko, Jay Z, and Dr. Dre.

0:24:29 - 0:41:03- We talk a little (not enough, he deserves a full show) about Wes Craven. Sean wrote about Last House on the Left/secret obituary for Grantland. If you'd like to spend more time on Craven, the Nightmare on Elm Street documentary Never Sleep Again has some great interviews with him even though the whole thing is pretty