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Trafford { lovething} Parsons

Manchester, United Kingdom

A self confessed disco beatnik who loves playing funky tunes painting & printing. I divide my time between London and Manchester/Leeds, putting up exhibitions, printing the Art, riding my lambretta scooter as well as playing records to discerning clubbers.
As a boy I must have been bitten by radio active spiders from space, equipped with a venom that acted as supper conductive growth hormone to the playful, creative artistic side of my brain and atrophied the logical conformist side...
in 1989 with a lot of help from my friends i started the club Carwash U.F.O in manchester, playing old school hip hop, disco and rare grooves.. the record box has grown like Godzilla but the vibe has stayed the same and over the years i've played most of the funkiest clubs in the world. Manumission, Hacenda in the 90's .. and now Fibre leeds on saturdays . always playing funky tunes somewhere and looking for new funky places to play