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Coyote Coursing, Food Truck Economics

Coyote Coursing, Food Truck Economics

Coyote Coursing
Guests: Eric Eliason, PhD, Professor of Folklore and Literature in BYU’s English Department, Author of “To see Them Run: Great Plains Coyote Coursing” with Scott Squire, Documentary Photographer and Filmmaker Based in Seattle
In the prairies of South Dakota and Nebraska, it’s the coyotes getting chased by packs of hounds bred specifically for it. “Coyote Coursing” is an old hunting practice little known beyond the Great Plains. It’s a hobby that consumes people. They build custom rigs for their trucks and spend thousands of dollars on just the right dogs at auction and swap stories laced with lingo. Nearby, kids roll around in the dust playing “hound and coyote,” acting out the moment when the dogs leap from the truck in sync and streak across the field after their prey. 
Coyote coursing is controversial. Some animal rights activists condemn it as a blood sport. It’s illegal in some states. But, if you know where to look, coyote coursing remains a thriving culture.