Dub Conference #303 (2021/12/12) the dream team strikes again - with Dub Rogue

Dub Conference #303 (2021/12/12) the dream team strikes again - with Dub Rogue

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Dub Conference #303 (2021/12/12) the dream team strikes again - with Dub Rogue
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Tom Bauminista

another chapter of the friendly takeover tradition.... Dub Rogue coming from Finland to his hometown Berlin and entering the dubcave with nuff sound n stories... Respect!

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Yeah.. miss live dub concerts as well... Like Hypnotix, Dub Syndicate,ADF, LKJ, Le Peuple de l'Herbe, Zenzile, Mad Professor and LSP or Adrian Sherwood at Summerjam. But at least some Krautrock Bands like "Die wilde Jagd" fill that gap a little


That was some of the best Dub I've ever heard.


that was a dub flash in deed the dub rogue selection. real surprising tunes. big up to Dub Rogue and Tom Bauminista. Greetz


Great show, first time here it's a blessing!💚💛❤️✌️

Dub Flash

Thanks for the show. It was once again a great experience to be part of the legendary Dub Conference.

Tom Bauminista

Tracklist Dub Conference #303


DUB ROGUE selection:
Dub Specialist - Banana walk
Dub Foundation - Titoli
Roots Radics - The Death of Mr. Spock
Dub Syndicate - Humourless Journalist Works to Rules
Junior Dan - Guided Missiles Leftist Dub
Gary Clail - The Emotional Hooligan
Dub Syndicate - Wadada
Dub is a Weapon - Fever
Fresh Familee - Legalized
Rosine - Wheel and Come Again
I-Shensound - Selling Babylon by the 9-Bar
Talking Dub - Stepping Lion Part 1
Mike Murphy aka The Reggae Dubmeister - Believe and You Shall Find
QP - New Dub
Iries in Roots - The Signs / Iries in Roots - Dub Signs (Alpha & Omega Dubplate Mix)
Dub Rogue feat. Mari K - In Dub We Trust / Dub Rogue - Trust No One Dub
King Alpha feat. Fikir Amlak - Darshan / King Alpha - Darshan Dub Plate
Bauminista selection:
Weeding Dub meets Iration Steppas - Sound System DNA / Sound System DNA part 4
Iration Steppas - Lightning Dub / Lightning Clap Mix
Dub Kazman meets Woodland Sound - Take A Stand / Woodland Sound Mix
Metta Frequencies - Lose Control / Dub
Freedom Masses - Life A Ruff / Dub
Prince Far I - The Principal Thing / Yared Zedek - The Principal Dub
Word Sound & Power - His Majesty / Royal Dub
Goldmaster Studio - Clarion Call / Drum Call
Vivian Jones & Disciples - Third World Man / Chanting From Zion Dub
Bunnington Judah - Ruff Out Ya / Zulu Vibes - Dub Out Ya
King Kurk - All Rivers Run Dry / Upstir Allstars - River Of Horns
Black Uhuru - Sodom / Slaughter