Calm the Dub down

Calm the Dub down

2 years ago
Calm the Dub down
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El Mismo

It was pouring with rain, cold & windy out on the marshes but we could still hear the 220 Project avoiding the lockdown police & dragging their beloved 303's accross the marshes, jingling & jaggling accross the long grasses & over the canals and into our warm & cosy Casita. The duo had hiked from Bristol & Dorset, whistling thier blend of Bass heavy psychedelic ambient techno dub all the way. But it was no good. The electrical stuff was fucked & full of Medway Mud. What to do? How about recording some of your favourite dub tunes instead? So we poured them a glass of ponche caballero, cracked open a new packet of rich tea bickies & fired up the sound system. Perfect. Resulting in a lovely little mixtape to wrap around your ears. When they are not strectched out warming thier toes by our fire you can find the duo here;

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